Yard Service

Storage and Services

Description Resident Boater1 Non-Resident Boater1
Pump-out $5.00 $5.00
Hoist Charges $9.00/boat ft. $10.00/boat ft.
Service Department Rate $85.00/hr $104.00/hr
Yard Labor Rate $85.00/hr2 $99.00/hr
On Land Summer Storage (Summer 5/15-10/15) call for rates call for rates
On Land/In Water Winter Storage (10/15-5/15) $20.00/ft./season2 $25.00/ft./season
Transient Slip Overnight see transient slip page
Mast hoist Free $40.00/use
Chemical bottom wash $18.00/boat ft. $18.00/boat ft.

1A resident boater is the permanent owner/renter of a slip.
2Resident boaters receive complete care including (1)fall haul-out, (1)set down & spring launch or bubble-in.