Gas Dock

The St. Croix Marina is the only Marina on the St. Croix River where you can be assured of Alcohol Free Fuel.

St. Croix Marina offers 89 octane alcohol free fuel!  Don't take chances, protect your engines and your fuel system, use only alcohol free fuel.

The State of Minnesota has implemented legislation that mandates the use of alcohol in gasoline. The law requires that all fuel dispensed in Minnesota be mixed with alcohol. Though exceptions are made for certain airplanes and racing vehicles, Boats are not explicitly omitted!!! 

Gas Dock Phone: +1 (715) 386-6868
VHF Marine Radio: Channel 16 (Call St. Croix Marina Gas Dock)


The gas dock features state of the art pump-out equipment!  A friendly dock hand will be available to provide you with a complete pump-out and rinse.

Convenience Store

The gas dock also carries 2-cycle and 4-cycle oil, toilet paper, holding tank chemicals as well as ice, bottled water, pop and snacks! Nearly anything a boater may need! And what we don't have, is probably available at our Ship Store!